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Nuances of a New Normal

A seven part blog series with David Weinstein

We’re so thankful and honored to present the following seven part blog series. David Weinstein shares his heart, grit, soul and bone marrow transplant journey with us as we roll out this series, once a month, here in our E-nnouncement newsletter, starting this month. Each blog post will inspire you regardless of where you are on your journey. So sit back and feel the sun on YOUR face as you soak up this very special series. Thank you David. You are a gift to this world.

Cathy and Glen Morris

Thankful and Thriving — Yes, you can do it!

By: Cathy Morris

Cathy doesn’t mean to spoil the ending of her story, but take time to learn how she and her husband, Glen knew “everything will be OK.” Bumps, challenges, fear were there to be sure; but one year post-transplant she is “thankful and thriving.” Her story has a happy ending.

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Faith Metzinger

Meet Faith: Making a Donor Difference in All That She Does!

By: Faith Metzinger

Faith’s personal experience as a donor “match” for a three-year-old boy with leukemia has, in her words, “changed me in so many ways.” It also was the impetus for her to lead a bone marrow drive in her town in the child’s honor. That was nine bone marrow drives ago.

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Evelyn during treatment

Survivorship Means Victory: Evelyn’s Survival Story

By Evelyn

Read Evelyn’s own story about lessons learned in survival and victory over “death, fear, pain, anxiety;” and about her relationships with her husband, family members, and even strangers, especially those with infirmities. Today, she has a greater trust in God and a strong sense of purpose.

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Matt C and family

Matt Carpinelli’s Touching Story: How the nbmtLINK Helped his Father

By: Matt Carpinelli

Dave Carpinelli was a straight shooter. In the words of his son, Matt, “my Dad didn’t like BS!” Read Matt’s account of his Dad finding the LINK and the comfort, friendships and “straight talk” he found there as he faced AML Matt expresses his family’s deep gratitude for all that the LINK gave his father in his final days.

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Leukemia Survivor and her Son

Amanda Schamper: Giving Back and Going Strong

By: Amanda Schamper

Amanda’s story has a happy ending, but … she faced many challenges on her way to that ending. Read about her journey and learn how today she gives back in gratitude for the delivery of the healthy son she carried during her ordeal and for the bone marrow transplant that saved her life.

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