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Marrow Masters Podcast

Marrow Masters Season 6 Header

The information in these podcasts should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult with your health care provider regarding your medical decisions and treatment. The listed resources are not intended to be endorsements.


Season 6 Trailer : All Things GVHD

Welcome to Season 6 of the Marrow Masters podcast series, sponsored by the National Bone Marrow Transplant Link, Incyte Corporation and Kadmon. The National Bone Marrow Transplant link, established in 1992, strives to help patients, caregivers, and their families cope with the psycho-social challenges of transplant, from diagnosis through survivorship.  Season 6 focuses on advice for dealing with Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD).  We’ll hear from health care professionals on the front lines of this disease.


Dr. Sung Choi shares her best advice regarding chronic Graft Versus Host Disease (cGVHD) as it affects children

Dr. Choi joins us today to discuss the unique challenges for pediatric patients as it relates to Graft Versus Host Disease (cGVHD). Passionate and knowledgeable, Dr. Choi will tackle it all, including target organ damage, the cytokine storm, clinical trials and much more. 


Dr. Ed Cowen of the NIH covers Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) skin-related issues

In this episode Dr. Cowen “covers” it all–dry scaly skin, red rashes, skin fibrosis and fasciitis. His expertise will make patients and caregivers alike feel more confident and knowledgeable about skin GVHD. When should you seek treatment and which doctor should you see? He will address clinical trials, long term prognosis and talks about what is on the horizon for the treatment of skin GVHD. 


Meet Dr. Molly Gallogly and learn about Seidman’s Graft Versus Host Disease clinic

Dr. Gallogly will share what happens at their incredible GVHD clinic and why it is advantageous to have a designated GVHD clinic. Newly diagnosed patients are evaluated and seen regularly as long as their GVHD is active. A detailed head-to-toe exam and full skin exam are standard and each GVHD patient is accurately staged and graded. 


Meredith Cowden keeps it real as she shares her long journey with Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD)

Meredith, a clinical counselor, is in the business of helping others thrive during the work day. And in her free time, she is always willing to share her story and her heart to help others. This wonderful episode is real, honest and chock full of tips and suggestions sure to help those dealing with Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) – including documentation, apps, being your own best advocate, and her “spoon” trick.


Dr. Catherine Lee offers her optimism and expertise on all things Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD)

Dr. Lee covers it all and breaks it down for us. Why is cGVHD the predominant cause of late morbidity and death, not due to relapse, for both children and adults after an allogeneic or a donor transplant? What strategies will help and prevent GVHD? Get ready for a big dose of hope as Dr. Lee  shares her incredible knowledge and know how. 


Perry Cheathem fights Graft Versus Host Disease with faith and peace

Perry shares his donor story and his desire to help build awareness of the donor process, especially as it relates to minorities. Perry’s Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) issues included dry eyes, dry mouth, and speech issues. These led to dental and breathing issues. But it just doesn’t stop this determined, resilient guy from sticking to it and succeeding. In fact, Perry was recently able to run a three mile race. 


Harry Johnston: Enjoying life and making the best of Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD)

Tune in as Harry shares his transplant story and Chronic Graft Versus Host Disease (cGVHD) issues that began in 2019. He had thickening of the fascia – the layer of tissue below the skin. This caused tightening around the stomach, which interfered with air intake. Then he had to change studies and centers due to COVID protocols. Harry shares that although they have been unable to reverse the effects of his GVHD, the clinical trials have helped reduce the progression of the GVHD as different drugs were introduced.


Lisa Loutzenhiser shares her spunk as she takes on Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD)

Lisa shares her Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) story including her skin issues, precautions needed for being in the sun, gut issues and much more. “As if the diagnosis wasn’t enough, GVHD was an extra job,” she says.

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