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Nuances of a New Normal

A seven part blog series with David Weinstein

We’re so thankful and honored to present the following seven part blog series. David Weinstein shares his heart, grit, soul and bone marrow transplant journey with us as we roll out this series, once a month, here in our E-nnouncement newsletter, starting this month. Each blog post will inspire you regardless of where you are on your journey. So sit back and feel the sun on YOUR face as you soak up this very special series. Thank you David. You are a gift to this world.

Portrait of Bridget Casey

Two Heroes

By: Bridget Casey

Two transplants later, surivvor and chaplain Bridget Casey gives back as a courier for Be The Match, serving in thanks for all she has been given.

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In the Waiting. . .

By: Jennifer Gillette, LMSW of nbmtLINK

There are so many things in life that we need to be patient and wait for. When we wait for health to return, the pandemic to end or significantly improve, or when we wait for any crisis to be over, can we shift our focus to invest in the future we hope for as we try to cope with the present situation?

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Martha Nielsen- The face of hope and good health

Survivor Martha Nielsen on Moving Forward

By: Martha Nielsen

Martha conquered “the beast called Cancer.” Facing B-cell NHL, multiple approaches to treatment and ultimately a BMT, she contacted the nbmtLINK, especially for the peer-support program. She has celebrated over fifteen “second birthdays” and volunteers in the LINK’s peer-support program. You will be uplifted by her victory.

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Amanda Fer

Coping with Relapse

By Amanda Ferraro

As you read her blog, you will learn how, after the first shocking moments of the diagnosis she grabs hold and eventually defeats AML leukemia – twice! A successful BMT and a “mind over matter” attitude guided her determination. Read about her success.

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My Blood Brother

By Nick Hudson

Nick was a perfect match for a four-year-old “toe-head” boy named Cameron who had leukemia, and needed a bone marrow transplant. I was “the match.” Cam’s transplant was successful and his parents told him he had a “blood brother.” You will enjoy learning how these “strangers” became friends.

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Transplant (An Unexpected Journey)

By: Jean C. Carroll

Discover how the support of community and extended family and a strong faith carries this young family on a seventeen-year journey into the unknown world of bone marrow transplant. There is a happy ending to their story.

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A Donor’s Story

By: Maureen Sonntag

A beloved fourth grade substitute teacher and a mother’s struggle with cancer opens the door to Maureen’s commitment to one day donating bone marrow for a stranger’s transplant … right place, right time, strong faith and a fond memory of Mrs. O’Reilly.

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