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Nuances of a New Normal

A seven part blog series with David Weinstein

We’re so thankful and honored to present the following seven part blog series. David Weinstein shares his heart, grit, soul and bone marrow transplant journey with us as we roll out this series, once a month, here in our E-nnouncement newsletter, starting this month. Each blog post will inspire you regardless of where you are on your journey. So sit back and feel the sun on YOUR face as you soak up this very special series. Thank you David. You are a gift to this world.

Finding Hope

By: Barry Stebbing

An extraordinary caregiver, Barry Stebbing wasn’t afraid to ask for help and it sure paid off.

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Jennifer Nsenkyire

For this new U. S. resident who emigrated from South Africa, a bone marrow transplant unexpectedly cured two non-cancer diseases – Sickle Cell Disease and Multiple Sclerosis – and freed her from a lifetime of pain.

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Jordan Segal

The unexpected gratification for a young stem cell donor leaves a lasting impression on this young man.

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A nbmtLINK Salute to Caregivers

There are roughly 65 million people in this country serving as caregivers either to an aging adult, a family member with a debilitating diagnosis, or an adult with disabilities.  

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Recalled to Life

I can categorize my story with an analogy to Charles Dicken’s “A Tale of Two Cities.” The main theme throughout his story is, “recalled to life.” What Dickens meant was

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