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Marrow Masters Podcast - Season 11

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Season 11 Trailer : Survivors Thriving at Their Own Pace

Season 11 of our show focuses on thriving in survivorship. We know it’s hard work. In this season, you will meet six incredible people who will share the challenges they faced as life happened, plans changed, and they learned to bend and grow post-transplant. Listen to what they have learned—how to be flexible and give themselves grace, and often time. This season will inspire us all to listen to our hearts and get on with the business of living, despite all that we have been through.


Loriana Hernandez Armors Up For Life

Loriana had AML Leukemia, and a doctor contact at world-renowned Johns Hopkins told her “Get on a plane. Say goodbye to your son. You don’t have time to waste. We have a bed waiting for you.”  She had reported on these stories for years.  Now Loriana was the story.  In fact, she still deals with the PTSD from her son calling after her down the jetway – a son who wouldn’t recognize her after she’d been away for months of treatment.


Author Peter Gordon and The Long Road Onward

Peter Gordon is no stranger to the National Bone Marrow Transplant Link.  The author of “Six Years and CountingLoveLeukemia, and the Long Road Onward”  was very well received at our book club.  Today you’ll hear his story.


Social Worker Sharde Fultz Pays It Forward

We first met the incredible Sharde Fultz in our very first season of Marrow Masters,  back in 2019.  We wanted to reconnect with her as one our our “survivors who thrive” this season. Her advice for fellow cancer survivors is to change how you think about time, and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s progress.


Patient Turned Fundraiser Mike Rubin

As a patient, Mike Rubin was at the forefront of bone marrow transplants when he received one in 1987 at the age of 24. Today, he serves a director of philanthropic gifts for the very place he received his transplant – Seattle’s Fred Hutch Cancer Center.


Survivor Turned Nurse Molly Pratt

As a child, Molly Pratt had a fear of medical facilities.  Today, you’ll hear how her perspective changed.  She’s now a BSN, RN in Pediatrics at Beaumont Children’s at Corewell Health’s Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Michigan. Molly leaves us with inspiring advice about not taking any day for granted, and having the confidence to accomplish whatever it is you set your mind to.


Cancer Survivor Turned Social Work Professor, Dr. Bradley Zebrack

Dr. Brad Zebrack is not only an incredible social worker who specializes in oncology but he is survivor himself. Brad was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, at the age of 25, back in 1989. We spend some time on the term “survivor” – 40 years ago it referred to the family members left behind when someone died of cancer.  Now, a survivor is anyone who is still alive, starting from the moment of diagnosis.  But it’s important to remember that every journey is different, and terms like this can mean different things to different people.

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