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Little Flower
by Maria Peckham

Twelve years ago, my world was turned upside down when my youngest sister and I were diagnosed with cancer one day apart. I was diagnosed with late stage non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and my sister was diagnosed with CML. Quickly, my carefree twenty-nine year old life was changed drastically. I was scared, angry, and sad. I had been married for two years and was trying to have a baby; my twenty-two year old sister had just graduated from college. We were extremely lucky that our only other sibling matched both of us. We each had our transplants. I was convinced my life would never be good again; I am glad I was wrong.

The years since our transplants have been good. We have lived our lives to the fullest. My sister has traveled extensively, received her Master's Degree, gotten married, and just adopted her first child. I have become a mother – via adoption and gestational surrogacy – to three wonderful children. Our lives have turned out exactly how we had hoped.

Ten years ago my world changed forever,
Quickly my life went from possibilities to never,
Never again would I see the sun or touch the sand,
Mom wouldn't be uttered by a child holding my hand,
I would not live to see any hopes or dreams come true,
My carefree existence turned to dark shades of blue,
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma would end my life,
Just two years after I became a wife

Chemo, radiation and a bone marrow transplant
My chance to fight, to live-no I can't,
I fought very hard and endured much pain,
The isolation and fears would drive me insane,

Endured many things but I'm still here,
Different but with great reason to cheer,
Three wonderful children have come my way,
They fill my life with laughter and love each day,
I would never have believed ten years ago,
That cancer would create so many ways to grow,

Thank you Little Flower for showering me,
With so much opportunity
I have not forgotten the special prayer,
Which lets me see roses everywhere
It helped me through my darkest hours,
And continues to show sun through any showers

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